World Record Day

Here is some exciting news that we would like to announce on World Record Day. Black Cloud Records will be releasing an original album featuring members of The Beer pigs. This albums will showcase the excellent songwriting skills of the band, kicking off with the material originally produced in the 1980's. The album, Murder In The Rain By David Mackin Featuring Members Of The Beer Pigs, was composed by Dave and Ian between 1987 and 1989. On recently sending the album to the legendary Trevor Horn, Dave was invited to his home back in February where the master producer gave him some amazing advice and encouragement on how to crack the music industry. This album has been brewing for thirty years and is now ready for pouring. You will be able to taste it on the 1st September 2017. You can explore it's development in a series of blogs and videos that will appear on this site in the coming weeks.

Who Are The Beer Pigs?

The Beer Pigs are a 5 piece band from Middlesbrough who have played together in various forms for 30 years. They perform the greatest songs from the many eras that have excited audiences since Rock'n'Roll began. If you want a band to really bring your venue or party to life then The Beer Pigs are the band for you. We cover all the major bands from The Beatles to Madness to Coldplay

You can explore a lot more of our music and photos from our social media links above. We look forward to seeing you at one of our future gigs. A quick guide to where we are playing is on the side panel of this page and a more extensive list is on the Gig Page.


New YouTube Video Channel

We have just launched a new Youtube Video channel where we can show some of our videos from gigs etc. We have just found some rare footage of our performances at Middlesbrough Live in the early 2000's. It is a rare treat to see us in action from those days and what an amazing crowd! The second section of the video is from The Normanby around the same time. Check out the lean mean Diamond Dez!